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Videos and guides showing you how to use HUD Homestore

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How to Enter a Bid for a HUD property (Video)

How to Enter a Bid for a HUD property (PDF)

Broker Login and Checking Bids (Video)

HUD Homestore Bidder Registration (PDF)

HUD Training Classes

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Asset Management (AM)  Companies for HUD 


We do not guarantee accuracy of AM websites or forms



Forms Link

Owner Occupant and Investor Packages



  • All documents must be signed in BLUE INK. (No Whiteout or Highlighters are acceptable on documents)
  • Send a copy of the certified earnest money check made out to HUD, along with the original check.

HUD  Contract Package should contain the following and delivered to the Asset Manager within 48 hours after bid acceptance:

  • All Forms required by Asset Manager (please use fillable forms link)  -  signed in BLUE INK

Fillable HUD Sales Contract Form 9548 (click to see sample)

General Addendum to the HUD Sales Contract

For Your Protection: Get a Home Inspection

Forfeiture & Extension Policy

Radon Gas and Mold Notice and Release Agreement

Notice to Purchaser Addendum when the offer amount exceeds the appraised value

Lead Paint Addendum (if applicable)

Flood Zone Addendum (if applicable)

Certification of Owner-Occupant (if applicable)

  • Earnest Money in the form of cashier's/ certified check or money order made out to the Title Company and delivered to the Listing Broker within 48 hours of bid acceptance.  Also along with the check a copy of the buyer select form and HUD Sales contract should be delivered to the listing broker.   Only a copy of the cashiers check must be submitted with the sales contract to the Asset Manager.  

$1000 for offers greater than $50,000

$500 for offers $50,000 or less

50% of the listing price for Vacant Land

  • Proof of Funds

If you are unsure what forms to send or if they are filled out correctly, please feel free to stop by Atlantis Realty Group's office or email us at  and we will be glad to review your HUD Contract Package before you send it to the Asset Manager.

Closing Time Frames:


Closing Time Frames


Cash/Conventional - 45 Days

203K Financing - 60 Days



How to Cancel a HUD Contract:



 Go to
 Then go to the Forms Tab
 Next click on the Atlanta HOC Region
 Then click on the other forms Contract Cancellation Form
 Have you and your client fill out the form and provide all necessary documents as per the form.
 A prepaid shipping label on all Cancellation notices are require for return of the earnest money. The EM will not be returned unless they include a shipping label with the cancellation notice.
 Next email all documents to

How to report Vandalism of a HUD Property when under Contract:


To report change in condition on a Sage Acquisition property, please fill out the Vandalism/Change in Condition Form

 Go to

 Then go to the Forms Tab
 Next click on the Atlanta HOC Region
 Then click on the Vandalism/ Change in Condition Report Form under Other Forms
 Complete the form electronically and fill out completely 
 Save the document as “Vandalism – case number” (ex: Vandalism – 151-000111)
 Email the form as an attachment to , message subject: VANDALISM- Case number”
 Please also attach to the email any supporting photographs, which are extremely helpful in expediting resolution


When can I do an Inspection and what is the process?


Please NOTE the following instructions on doing an inspection for a property after you have the HUD winning BID:

  1. Inspections can NOT be started until you have an executed contract from the seller.  You have 15 days after executed contract to complete your inspection.
  2. You will need to contact the Field Service Manager (FSM) for the property to start the Inspection Process.  There are several FSM’s make sure you contact the one that is assigned to your property.  You can get this information at under your account in the bidder function area.  Click on your winning bid and the information is on the bid confirmation page.
  3. Each FSM has a form that must be filled out and submitted with certified funds.  These fee’s are different for each FSM so read the form completely.  You can obtain these forms on our website.   There are links to each FSM for forms and with phone numbers below.
  4. Once you have submitted your form to the FSM and the Fee you will coordinate with the FSM for your buyer to turn on the utilities in the Buyers Name.  The FSM needs time to prepare the property for inspection.
  5. You as the agent must be present when utilities are turned on.  You also must be present during the inspection.  The Buyer, Inspector, and/or appraiser is never to be in the property without you, the agent, present.  If such instance is noted by a HUD field inspector he will report the instance and you, the agent, can lose your NAID number or HUD can cancel the buyers contract. You as the buyer’s agent are responsible for any damages to the property . Here are some friendly reminders:
  • We highly recommend that you turn the water on at the pit and leave it off until the time of inspection in case there would happen to be a leak somewhere in the house. 
  • Make sure the breakers are on the off position before turning on the power.
  • The water heater has to have water in it before you turn on the power.  If you do not do this you can damage the water heater and possibly burn the house down.
  • Power has to be on before you can turn on the gas.
  1. Once your buyer has  the utilities turn on you can schedule your inspection.
  2. After the inspection the buyer is to coordinate with the FSM to turn the utilities off.  So that the FSM can re-winterize the property.  The utilities can NOT be left on in the buyers name. The utilities are to be turned off within 72 hours of the inspection date.

If during your inspection you notice a problem with the property, you will need to contact our office immediately and report it. You can call us at 800-276-8940 ext 2 or email us at


Field Service Management (FSM) Companies for HUD

We do not guarantee accuracy of FSM utility forms and links.
Click on the links below to get Dewinterization/Utility Activation Forms.

Indiana Utility Activation Form Link

Contact Name: Nydia Eustache
Address: 8095 NW 12th Street Suite 400
Doral FL 33126
Phone Number: (786) 507-6020
Fax Number: (305) 858-2214

Florida Utility Activation Form Link

Contact Name: David Ramagos
Address: 111 South Tejon St Ste 206
Colorado Springs CO 80903
Phone Number:

(719) 579-7582






Closing Agents for INDIANA and FLORIDA

 As of January 2014 Florida and Indiana are now using the "Buyer Select" program

PROGRAM INFO: (1) Buyers get to choose their own closing agent. (2) Buyer Select Closing fees is a buyer expense. (3) HUD will pay only a portion of the closing fees, if the buyer includes closing costs on line 5 of the sales contract at the time of bid submission and there are sufficient funds remaining to allow for this fee to be paid. If there are no closing costs included in the bid, the buyer will be required to pay all settlement and closing fees. (4) At the time of bid submission, the selling agent is required to complete the Buyer Select addendum providing the asset company with the name and contact of the selected escrow company.




How do I file a Contract Extension?

It is the expectation for all closings to occur within the allotted time frame shown on the executed sales contract. When unexpected delays occur, extensions of time may be approved; however, they will be at the sole discretion of Sage and/or HUD.

All extension request are submitted to Sage Acquisitions for review and approval.

Not following the guidelines on the form may result in the cancellation of the sales contract and forfeiture of the buyer's earnest money.  The granting of one extension shall not obligate the Seller to grant additional extensions and the Seller shall declare a Default for the Purchaser's failure to close the sale upon the expiration of the original closing period or upon expiration of the extension.

Extension fees are non refundable when a contract is cancelled, regardless of reason.


Contract Sales Price Extension Fee to Submit
$25,000 or less $150 ($10 per day)
$25,001 to $50,000 $225 ($15 per day)
$50,001 or more $375 ($25 per day)




The documentation being submitted with the request for extension must include the reason for delay, verification of underwriter approval, and current status of the loan.  All Lender letters must contain the signature of the loan officer or underwriter.  Outdated lender letters will be rejected and extension denied. 

On cash transactions, proof of available funds must be submitted and dated within the past 15 days.

When there is a title, escrow or closing agent delay, supporting documentation and a summary of action taken to date from the closing entity must be included with the request for extension.

Request for extension fee to be waived: This request may be submitted electronically utilizing the following email: Specific examples of reasons for a free extension would include: Owner occupant experiencing delays with financing may be entitled to once free extension (in the case of 203K loans, Sage may grant two extension in 15 day increments, when warranted). Delays attributed to seller delay (asset manager clearing title issue, HOA resolution, Utility) or other concerns related to a delay of a HUD contractor. 

The extension form, current lender letter or proof of funds and any other acceptable supporting documentation confirming the reason for delay must be submitted five days prior to expiration for consideration of a waived extension.


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